Profesional CD Presentation

Paperless offices have given way to Paperless Presentations. Keeping up with times and portraying a technologically up to date image is very important for any company which is serious about it's business. For example did you know that you could now have an electronic brochure which is the size of a visiting card ?

This is the most effective way to do the marketing for your industrial product. If you want to do a Target Marketing then it is the Best way to do. In the CD - Presentation you can put lot of Animation, Moving Pictures, Images, voice-over, music, Video with theme base Creativity and with out any boundaries of Bandwidth, Internet, Speed etc. VINAYAK InfoSoft can handle all aspects of your CD's production: Content development, professional voice-over talent, video, music, cover art and CD production.

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Multimedia Presentation

Further developing website it is always an important factor to keep it optimised for fast downloading. This way adding high end animations and sound effects can be risky specially when a considerably large part of world still do not have sufficient infrastructure resulting in slower and un-reliable Internet connections.

3d Presentation

Furthermore, sometimes you may wish not to display some exclusive products on your website due to fear of copying them by your competitors. Multimedia presentations are very useful specially if you wish to circulate them to private list ( ... at least you may wish to have their contact information) ... and also for the companies/ exporters participating in trade fairs, exhibitions.

Clear advantages of CD presentations over traditional printed catalogues Or Web Site include :-

  • Interactivity
  • Cost
  • Min. Quantity
  • More Effective
  • Help in making differentiation
  • Sound effects
  • Flexibility
  • Updatability
  • Targeted
  • Not require Internet
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